The International Alliance of Waste Pickers is a union of waste picker organizations representing more than 460,000 workers across 34 countries
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Global Alliance of Waste Pickers’ Newsletters:

Struggles and victories: waste pickers on the frontline. October-November 2012

Press Release: Waste Picker (50) Drowns in Msunduzi River (South Africa – October 5)

Latin America (Red Lacre)
Waste pickers in Brasilia shutdown landfill for nine days in fight against public-private partnership (Brasilia – October 2012)
Another victory in Brazil: Minas Gerais to become the first state to compensate waste pickers for their environmental service (Brazil – October 2012)
Bolivian law recognizes waste pickers (Bolivia – October 2012)
ExpoCatadores, 3rd edition (Brazil – 28-30 November 2012)
Colombian waste pickers fight privatization (Colombia – November 2012)
National Chilean Waste Pickers’ Conference (December 4-5 2012 – Concepción, Chile)

India (Alliance of Indian Waste Pickers)
SWaCH struggle for labor rights continues (India – November 2012)
AIKMM’s First National Conference (India – December 10-11)
Solidarity with Indian waste pickers’ struggles (October 2012)

marcha Ucrus

Struggles and victories: waste pickers on the frontline. August-September 2012

Improving working conditions (South Africa – August 31, 2012)
Learning from each other (South Africa – September 2012)
India – AIW
Fighting Privatization in India (India – August 2012)
Fight for Pension Rights Continues (India – August 2012)
No Child in Trash Newsletter (India – 7 September 2012)
Latinamerica – REDLACRE
Social security for waste pickers (Brazil – 3 September 2012)
The Right to Work (Uruguay – 5 September 2012)
Waste pickers march, “Our Work is our Dignity” (Argentina – 18 September)