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Aasra Welfare Association

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Primary information

Year formed
Registered in
Formally registered
English, Hindi, Marathi
Type of members
Members are waste pickers, Waste picker support organization
Occupation of members
Solid waste managers, Waste pickers
Type of Organization
Non governmental organization, Non profit organization
Organizational Reach
Workplace of members
Dumpsite, Open, Recycling center, Sorting center, Street
Organization Structure
Founder/ President Project Manager Project Coordinator, Safai Saathi (waste-pickers coordinator), Administration Officer, Accounts Head HR Safai Saathis (waste-pickers)
Vision: Dignified life for every waste picker Mission: Eradicate the inhumane occupation of waste scavenging through formal employment, healthcare, education, and skills development
Education and training
Business & project management, Hygiene education, Leadership training, Learning exchange, Literacy & school, Mobilization, Rights & duties, Risks & health, Waste management
Partnering organizations
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Alliance of Indian Waste-pickers.
Donor, Donor funded, Government, Ngo funds
Internal elections
Women composition

Social networking sites



Member benefits
Child assistance programmes, Clean & healthy environment, Education programmes, Health care & insurance, Id cards, Occupational health & safety
Safety & Technology
Dust coats, Fire extinguishers, First aid kits, Gloves, Masks, No, Risk training,, Safety boots, Yes


What kind of relationship exists with the municipality?
Integrated into formal systems of source segregation, Providers of infrastructure
How is the relationship with the municipality?
Excellent and/or friendly
Types of materials
Bottles, Cans, Electronic waste, Glass, Household items, Metals, Paper and cardboard, Plastic, Plastics, Shoe soles, Tetra brik
Are they selling to middlemen?
Buying materials, Cleaning, Collecting materials, Collecting waste, Collection of recyclables, Collection of waste, Recycling, Selling materials, Sensitization of locals, Sorting waste, Special collections from large generators of waste, Waste collection, Waste sorting
Sorting Spaces
Sorting center
Challenges to access waste
Availability of waste, Contamination from waste, Foul smell & contamination from waste, Lack of education & training, Negative attitude towards waste, Obtaining licenses, Price fluctuations of waste, Transportation

Complementary Information

Information source
This information was provided by Aasra team to the Secretariat of the Alliance of Indian Waste-pickers.

Comments / Narrative

Aasra Welfare Association is a not-for-profit organization working for the welfare of waste pickers towards their holistic development through health, education and economic development. The organization was registered in 2015.

The founder of Aasra Welfare Association, Mr Haider Ali Sayyed, is passionate about the dry waste industry and has been working in this sector for the past 30 years. He started his career as a scrap dealer using handcraft. With the day-to-day activities, he gained phenomenal knowledge about the dry waste industry and waste pickers.

Waste pickers are the backbone of the recycling industry. Understanding the plight of the waste-pickers, Aasra Welfare Association was founded with the primary motive to better the livelihoods of the waste-pickers. Since the inception of Aasra Welfare Association, various activities have been conducted towards health and hygiene, financial and social inclusion of waste-pickers and their families. Workshops have been conducted to strengthen their community.

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