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Gaddikhana Ajivika Swayam Sahayta Samuh

Mussoorie, Uttrakhand, India

Primary information

Year formed
Registered in
Formally registered
Number of members
Type of members
Members are waste pickers
Occupation of members
Waste pickers
Type of Organization
Self-help group
Organizational Reach
Workplace of members
Landfill, Street
Organization Structure
It has a President and Treasurer. The organization is organized and has a President and Secretary. All the other eight women act as members and the task of submitting money to the bank is being played by all of them on a rolling basis with mutual understanding. President: Rachna Kumari Secretary: Babita DeviElections happened at the time of formation but there are only three women who can read and write and hence , they got elected as President , Secretary and Treasurer.
The objective of the organization is to come together and do savings and facilitate the credit creation and don’t get exploited by the other moneylenders in the city. The objective is also to leverage the revolving fund under NULM and initiate their own entrepreneurial journey and identify a second source of income to become economically resilient.
Education and training
Hygiene education, Leadership training, Risks & health, Waste management
Partnering organizations
Ruby's Institute in Mussoorie , Hilldaari Project (An initiative of Nestle), SMS and Recity
Self funded
Internal elections
Women composition

Social networking sites


Member benefits
Health care & insurance, Id cards, Occupational health & safety, Savings or credit scheme
Safety & Technology
Gloves, Masks, Yes


What kind of relationship exists with the municipality?
How is the relationship with the municipality?
Excellent and/or friendly
Types of materials
Bottles, Cans, Glass, Metals, Paper and cardboard
Are they selling to middlemen?
Collecting waste, Waste sorting
Challenges to access waste
Availability of waste, Contamination from waste, Exploitation, Foul smell & contamination from waste, Lack of education & training, Lack of infrastructure & resources, Lack of recognition, Lack of tools, Price fluctuations of waste, Privatization, Transportation

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Form filled by the organization via AIW.

Comments / Narrative

A group of waste pickers in Mussoorie organized themselves on 7th August, 2020. Since then, they have been actively participating in the functions of the SHG and saving 100 INR per month on a monthly basis. All the members of the SHG are female waste pickers of the Mussoorie located near the landfill, commonly called Gaddi Khana. The members have been trained on financial inclusion and are able to deposit their amount every month. They have been successfully maintaining their
minutes of meeting and ledger for the transaction on monthly basis. The SHG is registered under Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Urban Livelihoods Mission’s (DAY-NULM) which functions on the belief that poor are entrepreneurial and have innate desire to come out of poverty.

The purpose of making the SHG is to start saving first and initiate a different livelihood apart from waste Picking. As all the workers here are doing waste picking, they start their work early morning and evening to collect the waste from the locations. The SHG is being supported by organizations like Ruby’s institute and Hilldaari project, and are also trained on health topics like Breast cancer and Awareness, Maternal health and Hygiene etc. SHG has underwent the training on Soap Making, Phenyl making to explore their interest areas and start their entrepreneurial journey.

Self Help Group meeting in progress

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