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Gulf Youth Group

Kisumu, Kenya

Primary information

Year formed
Number of members
Type of members
Waste picker support organization
Occupation of members
Waste collectors
Type of Organization
Self-help group
Organizational Reach
Workplace of members
Door to door
Organization Structure
The group is divided into three groups of AIDS awareness, Solid Waste Collection and urban agriculture and also has a management committee whose leaders are elected every two years through secret voting. The management committee consists of 11 men and 10 women. The members do pay a membership fee to become a member. New members are recruited after people register by volunteering and after paying a fee of 50 shillings. Records kept include training records, budgetary records, goods records, health talk records and waste transport records.
Contribute to cleaning the environment, job creation, eduation and training, keep local area clean, promote urban agriculture, achieve efficient sustainable solid waste management in the city
Education and training
Risks & health
Partnering organizations
KIWAMA for skills training, Tuungane Youth Project for AIDS awareness, CARE Kenya for Urban Agriculture training
Civil society organization, Ngo
Self funded
Internal elections
Every 2 years
Women composition

Social networking sites


Member benefits
Clean & healthy environment, Job creation & source of income
Safety & Technology


How is the relationship with the municipality?
Excellent and/or friendly
Types of materials
Biodegradable waste, Plastics
Are they selling to middlemen?
Composting, Selling materials
Treatmet of organic materials

Complementary Information

Information source
Africa 2009

Comments / Narrative

The group has engaged the municipality by seeking advice on how to manage waste in their areas and they have given the authority a letter of appreciation. It has never participated in any protests but tries to engage buyers whom they sell or intend to sell to by inviting them to come and see the crops grown with compost manure from organic waste.

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