The International Alliance of Waste Pickers is a union of waste picker organizations representing more than 460,000 workers across 34 countries
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Ikatan Pemulung Indonesia (Indonesia Waste-pickers Union- IPI)

Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia


Primary information

Year formed
Registered in
Number of groups
Number of members
Type of members
Members are waste pickers, Members employ waste pickers, Waste picker support organization
Occupation of members
Itinerant buyers, Scrap dealers, Solid waste managers, Waste collectors, Waste pickers
Type of Organization
Association, Community based organization, Membership based organization, Movement
Organizational Reach
Local, National
Workplace of members
Collection from companies, Dumpsite, Home-based, Landfill, Recycling center, Sanitary landfill, Slums, Sorting center, Street
Organization Structure
Chairman – Secretary General – Deputy Secretary-General – Treasurer – Head of Divisions - Members
Organize waste pickers for the dignity of livelihood, security of land rights and for a cleaner environment.
Education and training
Hygiene education, Rights & duties, Risks & health
Partnering organizations
Indonesia Plastic Recycle
Donor, Membership fees, Partners
Internal elections
Every 3 years
Women composition

Social networking sites


Member benefits
Child assistance programmes, Education programmes, Health care & insurance, Id cards, Job creation & source of income, Legal assistance, Wedding & funeral benefit
Safety & Technology
First aid kits, Masks, Risk training,, Safety boots


What kind of relationship exists with the municipality?
Providers of infrastructure
How is the relationship with the municipality?
Excellent and/or friendly
Types of materials
Bones, Bottles, Cans, Clothing, Electronic waste, Glass, Household items, Metals, Paper and cardboard, Plastic, Plastics, Shoe soles, Tetra brik
Are they selling to middlemen?
Buying materials, Cleaning, Collecting materials, Collecting waste, Collection of recyclables, Organizing collective events, Recycling, Selling materials, Sorting waste, Waste collection, Waste management, Waste sorting
Sorting Spaces
Sorting center / sorting workshops
Challenges to access waste
Contamination from waste, Foul smell & contamination from waste, Harassment from authorities, Lack of education & training, Lack of infrastructure & resources, Lack of recognition, Lack of tools, Negative attitude towards waste, Obtaining licenses, Price fluctuations of waste, Privatization, Transportation

Complementary Information

Information source
The information was shared by Pris Polly, later the Alliance of Indian Wastepickers delegation visited IPI in Jakarta and learned about their work.

Comments / Narrative

IPI was established on 31st May 1991. The goal of the organization is to better the life of waste-pickers and other workers working in waste management. The members of IPI include waste-pickers, sorters, scrap dealers and aggregators. The organization has set up learning centres for the children of waste-pickers in informal neighbourhoods. They are spread across 26 provinces of Indonesia, with headquarters in Jakarta. The organization is registered as a community organization with 3.7 million members spread across the country. The organization has helped facilitate land rights, health insurance for its members. Apart from waste-pickers and other workers in the informal waste economy, IPI invites celebrities, socially active citizens to be a part of their association. They take their help to highlight the issue faced by the workers in the informal waste economy.


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