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Recity Network Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai, Maharastra, India


Primary information

Year formed
Registered in
English, Hindi
Number of groups
Number of members
Type of members
Waste picker support organization
Occupation of members
Solid waste managers, Waste collectors, Waste pickers
Type of Organization
Network, Sole trader and/or business
Organizational Reach
Workplace of members
Door to door, Recycling center, Sorting center, Street
(i) Professionalization of Waste Workers: - Provision Occupational IDs - Training Sessions to improve Efficacy of work performed - Capacity Building Workshops for Long Term, Short Term and Life Skills - Provide Accessibility to Govt. Schemes - Biannual Health Camps(ii) Minimize Waste from Landfill: - Streamline Collection and Transportation of Waste - Increase Rate of Material Recovery & Processing of Waste in City(iii) Behavioural & Visible Change in Stakeholders (Administration, Citizens, Tourists, RWAs, NGOs etc.) - Create Awareness of Source Segregation and Anti – Littering - Increase the Rate of Source Segregation - Improvise Culture of Recycling amongst Citizens(iv) Sustainability of Holistic SWM System: - Provide Incentives for Waste Workers for maximum efficiency - Increase Revenue for Contractor/ Municipal Administration through Sales of Processed Waste
Partnering organizations
The Alliance of Indian Waste-pickers, Stree Mukti Sanghatana, SWaCH, Nestle, Godrej
Donor, Partners
Internal elections
Women composition

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Member benefits
Id cards, Job creation & source of income, Occupational health & safety, Training & advocacy
Safety & Technology
Gloves, Safety boots


What kind of relationship exists with the municipality?
Providers of infrastructure
How is the relationship with the municipality?
Excellent and/or friendly
Types of materials
Biodegradable waste, Bottles, Cans, Clothing, Glass, Household items, Metals, Organics, Paper and cardboard, Plastic
Are they selling to middlemen?
Collecting materials, Collecting waste, Collection of recyclables, New items made from collected materials, Sensitization of locals, Sorting waste, Street sweeping, Training and capacity building, Transportation, Waste collection, Waste management, Waste sorting
Treatmet of organic materials
Challenges to access waste
Contamination from waste, Lack of infrastructure & resources, Obtaining licenses, Price fluctuations of waste, Transportation

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Comments / Narrative

Recity Network Pvt. Ltd. is an Urban Resource Management company at city level focusing on Waste Management. To bring about a Systemic Change, Recity works at grassroots level so as to address 2 (Two) main problems, namely – Lack of incorporation of the Informal Sector into the Solid Waste Management (SWM) System and Lack of Implementation of SWM, 2016.

Recity wishes to achieve 03 Outcomes in every city that it is present in, so as to mitigate the problems identified – (i) Divert 70% Waste from Landfill, (ii) Professionalization of Waste Workers and (iii) Holistic adoption of SWM, 2016 by the Municipal Body.

Recity aims to create a sustainable impact through an Inclusive Model that accounts for the complete participation of all Key Stakeholders and Waste Pickers (both formal and informal) in the city. It is through professionalizing and enhancing the entitlements claimed by Waste Pickers and setting up of a robust Waste Value Chain, Recity achieves the Diversion of Waste from landfill and Holistic Implementation & Adoption of SWM, 2016.

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