La Alianza Global de Recicladores es un proceso de articulación entre organizaciones de recicladoress apoyado por WIEGO en más de 28 paises especialmente en Latinoamérica, Asia y África.
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Life and Voices of Waste pickers

Life & Voices

Get to know waste picker leaders who have actively participated in the Global Alliance of Waste Pickers process.

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Provisional list of hundreds of waste pickers’ groups around the globe.

News from Waste Pickers around the world


Olga Abizaid and Ana Carolina Ogando with Renarec leaders

Scoping Exercise on Gender & Rights with RENAREC

In March 2016, AVINA and Red Nacional de Recicladores de Ecuador (RENAREC) invited WIEGO to visit Quito, Ecuador in order to get a better understanding of the waste sector dynamics...
Hasiru Dala invitation to Hasiru Habba 2016

Hasiru Dala invites you for the Hasiru Habba, 2016

Hasiru Dala invites you for the Hasiru Habba, 2016 – an annual gathering of wastepickers and informal waste collectors from all over Bangalore and neighboring cities. More than a...

An Evening of Celebration and Solidarities with Bicycle Dreaming

Organized by Alliance of Indian Wastepickers in Collaboration with India Habitat Center Alliance of Indian Wastepickers is happy to invite you for ‘Waste Narratives’ being orga...
foto-el reuso y el reciclaje

Waste reuse and recycling remains a pending challenge for the progressive model in Uruguay

One year after the third consecutive Frente Amplio’s national government, we still cannot envisage from the leading authority on environmental issues, the National Directorate fo...
Nota de MNRRD República dominicana. 2016

Recycling in the Dominican Republic: Inclusion of waste pickers in waste management systems

In the Dominican Republic, we are approximately between 5.500 and 6000 working with recycling waste materials in landfill sites, transfer stations and in the streets. Even though w...


porto alegre anti incineracao

Porto Alegre, Brazil, is the first state capital to ban incineration

The Porto Alegre municipal government approved on March 9th a legislation that prohibits incineration in the city, with the exception of items that have been discarded as waste. Th...
cop 21

Waste pickers at COP21: creating solutions to climate change

Waste pickers made their voices heard at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21), held in Paris in December of 2015. They participated in the debate panel titled R...

Hazardous waste incinerator rubber stamped

In mid-November 2015, the KwaZulu-Natal Department for Economic Development, Tourism & Environmental Affairs (KZN DEDTEA) (Ugu District) granted an Environmental Authorisation ...

An influx of waste-to-energy projects in South Africa

Due to various challenges experienced by the government regarding waste, incinerators have been pitched as a solution, when in fact they are a false solution. Waste companies, incl...
Waste Picker in Turkey. Photo Sonia Dias.

Will Waste Pickers in Turkey Join the Unemployed Army?

Informal waste pickers have been excluded from the Environmental Law in Turkey. The law emphasizes waste collection that is performed by licensed firms.



Portraits of ‘Gender and Waste’ in Belo Horizonte

Brittany Ayana Thomas is an American student who came to Belo Horizonte in August 2015 to work with Dr. Sonia Maria Dias in the “Gender and Waste” Project, an empowerme...
gender toolkit

Gender and Waste Recycling: A Toolkit for Teachers, Researchers and Practitioners

As part of the Waste and Gender Project, this toolkit was developed for a broad audience interested in understanding the connections between gender inequalities in the waste sector...
Video: Scenes from the heart of recycling. Overview form Turkey

Waste pickers in Turkey – an Overview

Serter Oran provides an overview of the  waste pickers’ situation in Turkey. This video is part of the series “Scenes from the Heart of Recycling” at You ...

Celebrate waste pickers with this video. Waste Pickers day 2016

This 7-minute animated film shows how cities on different continents have taken diverse approaches to integrating waste pickers in municipal waste management systems and how waste ...
Waste Pickers

Waste pickers at Cop21: Creating solutions for climate change

Since 2009, waste pickers from around the world have participated in several United Nations Climate Change Conventions (UNFCCC). In those events they’ve raised their voices deman...