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Category: Climate Change

photo - huichapan cement kiln

Case study from GAIA and Revuelta Verde – CDM proposal to burn waste in Mexico

The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) and Revuelta Verde recently released a report on the struggle against waste incineration in cement factories in Mexico. The United Nations´ Clean Development Mechanism (carbon trading scheme) could approve a proposal for a UK-based company to incinerate waste in a cement kiln in Huichapan

“No to dirty CDM” by Payal Parekh (in Spanish & English)

Unlike other UN Climate Conferences there have been very few creative actions; in large part due to the fact that actions are permitted in two small areas and UN police are harassing observers for handing out flyers!

Nevertheless there have been two great actions against dirty Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project types, incineration and coal. Yesterday, wastepickers that belong to the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) staged a vibrant action. Read more

Report from Brazil

Magdalena Donoso, Latin American Coordinator for GAIA BRASÍLIA – From the point of view of our interest as organizations that fight against incineration, just talking about ...

Movimiento y Articulación: La Esperanza de Brasil en Materia de Residuos

Magdalena Donoso, Coordinación Latinoamericana de GAIA

Brasilia, diciembre 2011

waste pickers gather in brasilia for hearingDesde el punto de vista de nuestro interés como organizaciones que luchan contra la incineración, basta instalarse a hablar sobre la Ley Nacional de Residuos Sólidos de Brasil, ratificada en agosto del año pasado, para abordar ampliamente lo negativo y desgastador que ha sido el Artículo 9 de la Ley, que abrió la puerta a esa industria.