The Global Alliance of Waste Pickers is a networking process supported by WIEGO, among thousands of waste picker organizations with groups in more than 28 countries covering mainly Latin America, Asia and Africa.
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Video: the recicladores of Bogotá on the ousting of Mayor Petro

In a video produced by ARB and supported by WIEGO, Silvio Ruiz Grisales, a Colombian recycler, spoke about the continued fight for the right to waste management in Bogotá.

image: Asso Amelior.

The Biffins of Paris will march for their right to work on April 9!

Ladies and gentlemen the elected municipal officials, you must stop suppressing waste picking and trading, talking about doing so or obsessing over it! Rather, create new market areas as biffins, everywhere, are waiting and expecting a policy worthy of the name, which recognizes the value of the junk trade and provides the space it deserves. Let us speed up the junk business! All to the junk market!

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SWaCH Cooperative featured on a national TV show in India

SWaCH Cooperative in Pune, India, appeared on a national television show Satyamev Jayate in March. In the episode “Invisible Environmentalists”, the show’s host Aamir Khan interviews Laxmi Narayan, co-founder of SWaCH and SWaCH waste picker Saru Bai, who now runs a compost plant with her husband.


SWaCH: Five Years and Counting

Through this latest 12-page issue of the newsletter, SWaCH shares the journey it has been on since it was founded five years ago – the excitement, the anxieties, successes and new ideas that have emerged for making Pune a better city for all in the years to come.

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March 8th: Women in the struggle for inclusive recycling

For women waste pickers, March 8 is a day of struggle – a struggle for inclusive recycling and for the end of inequality in recycling.

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Waste and Gender: Rethinking Relations for Empowerment

Little research exists about gender relations and divisions among waste pickers. A collaborative project involving waste pickers in Latin America seeks to shed light on the multiple levels of discrimination that women waste pickers face and their needs.

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The national waste pickers’ network of Ecuador signs an agreement with the government

Organized waste pickers are the subject of an agreement in Ecuador between the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion, the Ministry of the Environment, the Institute of Popular Economy and the National Network of Waste Pickers of Ecuador (Renarec), with the support of the Avina Foundation

Waste Pickers' Day 2014

Global Waste Pickers’ Day: One day of celebration, 364 days of struggle!

International Waste Pickers’ Day is celebrated on March 1 in memory of the massacre in Colombia in which 11 workers were brutally killed at the Universidad Libre de Barranquill...
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Petition: No to incineration, yes to social inclusion in Belo Horizonte!

On February 12, activists and citizens were present at the City Hall of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, to alert representatives of the risks of approving two pieces of legislation that would permit incineration technology in the city.

Foto: Alex Cardoso, MNCR.

Estrutural: the largest dumpsite in Latin America is a nightmare for Brazilian society

The Estrutural dumpsite in Brazil’s national capital region receives 70,000 tons of waste per month. Of those, three percent are recycled, thanks to an army of 2,500 waste picker...

Waste picker Mônica da Silva receives Living Legacy Prize for environmental activism

A Women’s International Center will honor the waste picker Maria Monica da Silva with the Living Legacy Prize on February 22, for her work promoting environmental justice and support of inclusive recycling in São Paulo, Brazil; Monica was nominated for the prize by the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) and by Other Worlds Are Possible.

Real Women, Incredible Lives: From ragpicker to entrepreneur

NDTV 24X7, a national news channel, made a short documentary titled ‘’Real women, incredible lives: From ragpicker to entrepreneur” and Rekha, a waste picker associated with Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group and Safai Sena, was a part of it.


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