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MNCR National Struggle Day

It was on June 7, 2001 that three thousand people took to the streets of the Esplanada dos Ministérios in Brasilia to claim their rights as collectors of recyclable materials. It ...

Long live the biffins of Paris!

School is starting but the biffins (waste pickers) of Asso Amelior have had no vacation. After a year and a half of monthly fairs at Croix de Chavaux, about 200 biffins will again ...

The Biffins of Paris will march for their right to work on April 9!

Ladies and gentlemen the elected municipal officials, you must stop suppressing waste picking and trading, talking about doing so or obsessing over it! Rather, create new market areas as biffins, everywhere, are waiting and expecting a policy worthy of the name, which recognizes the value of the junk trade and provides the space it deserves. Let us speed up the junk business! All to the junk market!

The Movement of Excluded Workers (MTE) at a vigil during their visit to Rio to see the pope. (Photo: Deia de Brito)

48 cartoneros take a 40-hour bus ride to meet the new pope in Rio

The young, uniformed cartoneros caught the attention of passersby in the crowd not only because of the size of the group – 35 – but because of the worker’s uniform they wore for the pilgrimage. It consists of dark blue pants and jackets lined with neon green strips for visibility. It clearly marked them as workers. The members of the MTE stood out for another reason. They conveyed a seriousness that was in contrast to the many of the chatty, smart phone-carrying teenagers. They are young workers, and they seem older than their years.