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Call for international solidarity with the Recyclers’ Association of Bogota (ARB)

We have received this letter from the waste pickers of Bogota and Colombia requesting support and solidarity from the international community. The waste pickers are being displaced and not recognized by the current government. We ask that waste picker organizations and support groups that know the historical work of la Asociación de Recicladores de Bogota (the Bogota Association of Recyclers) publicly recognize and appreciate the work of waste pickers.

We share with you our greetings and acknowledgement, on behalf of the Colombian waste pickers, at this event – Expocatadores – which reflects the struggle and the demand for our rights as dignified workers, and recycling as a livelihood for humanity. Today we come here as brothers and sisters in struggle, to DENOUNCE, and to ask for your support and solidarity. Today in Bogota, Colombia, the black cloud of opportunism and corruption is covering our skies and stamping out waste pickers’ opportunities of inclusion.