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Long live the biffins of Paris!

School is starting but the biffins (waste pickers) of Asso Amelior have had no vacation. After a year and a half of monthly fairs at Croix de Chavaux, about 200 biffins will again ...

The Biffins of Paris will march for their right to work on April 9!

Ladies and gentlemen the elected municipal officials, you must stop suppressing waste picking and trading, talking about doing so or obsessing over it! Rather, create new market areas as biffins, everywhere, are waiting and expecting a policy worthy of the name, which recognizes the value of the junk trade and provides the space it deserves. Let us speed up the junk business! All to the junk market!

Les biffins selling their reclaimed materials at the Marche aux Puces (Street Market) in Paris.

New association in Paris, Amelior

The profession of biffins (“waste picker” in french) has been recognized since 1240, and the right to recover materials since 1670. The biffins are skilled in collecting, repairing and upgrading objects and devices, with ancient expertise in sorting and selling.