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SWaCH: Five Years and Counting

Through this latest 12-page issue of the newsletter, SWaCH shares the journey it has been on since it was founded five years ago – the excitement, the anxieties, successes and new ideas that have emerged for making Pune a better city for all in the years to come.

swach newsletter - feb 2013

The SWaCH Newsletter is out!

SWaCH is a collective of self-employed waste pickers that provides waste collection and management services. It publishes a quarterly newsletter. The latest has a lot of great articles!


Red Lacre Newsletter

Download the first BOLETIN RECICLADORES of the Latin American Network of Waste Pickers (Red Lacre). You can read the most recent news aggregations Boliva, Brazil, Nicaragua, Chile, Uruguay, Honduras, and many others.


SWACH Newsletter – Issue 5 – November 2012

Check out SWaCH waste pickers’ cooperative November 2012 Newsletter. Read articles about waste pickers working with scrap shops, pianist Kimball Ghallager making music with SWaCH, E-waste programs in schools across India, waste pickers keeping Pune’s rivers clean, and much more. Download the SWaCH Newsletter Issue 5 in English  or in Marathi.

Support messages for the Recyclers Association of Bogotá (ARB)

After the request for support and solidarity by the Asociación de Recicladores de Bogota (the Bogota Association of Recyclers) messages of support have started to arrive from all over. We’ll be updating this post with all the the messages that arrive.

Call for international solidarity with the Recyclers’ Association of Bogota (ARB)

We have received this letter from the waste pickers of Bogota and Colombia requesting support and solidarity from the international community. The waste pickers are being displaced and not recognized by the current government. We ask that waste picker organizations and support groups that know the historical work of la Asociación de Recicladores de Bogota (the Bogota Association of Recyclers) publicly recognize and appreciate the work of waste pickers.

We share with you our greetings and acknowledgement, on behalf of the Colombian waste pickers, at this event – Expocatadores – which reflects the struggle and the demand for our rights as dignified workers, and recycling as a livelihood for humanity. Today we come here as brothers and sisters in struggle, to DENOUNCE, and to ask for your support and solidarity. Today in Bogota, Colombia, the black cloud of opportunism and corruption is covering our skies and stamping out waste pickers’ opportunities of inclusion.


Struggles and victories: waste pickers on the frontline. October-November 2012

Press Release: Waste Picker (50) Drowns in Msunduzi River (South Africa – October 5)

Latin America (Red Lacre)
Waste pickers in Brasilia shutdown landfill for nine days in fight against public-private partnership (Brasilia – October 2012)
Another victory in Brazil: Minas Gerais to become the first state to compensate waste pickers for their environmental service (Brazil – October 2012)
Bolivian law recognizes waste pickers (Bolivia – October 2012)
ExpoCatadores, 3rd edition (Brazil – 28-30 November 2012)
Colombian waste pickers fight privatization (Colombia – November 2012)
National Chilean Waste Pickers’ Conference (December 4-5 2012 – Concepción, Chile)

India (Alliance of Indian Waste Pickers)
SWaCH struggle for labor rights continues (India – November 2012)
AIKMM’s First National Conference (India – December 10-11)
Solidarity with Indian waste pickers’ struggles (October 2012)

marcha Ucrus

Struggles and victories: waste pickers on the frontline. August-September 2012

Improving working conditions (South Africa – August 31, 2012)
Learning from each other (South Africa – September 2012)
India – AIW
Fighting Privatization in India (India – August 2012)
Fight for Pension Rights Continues (India – August 2012)
No Child in Trash Newsletter (India – 7 September 2012)
Latinamerica – REDLACRE
Social security for waste pickers (Brazil – 3 September 2012)
The Right to Work (Uruguay – 5 September 2012)
Waste pickers march, “Our Work is our Dignity” (Argentina – 18 September)


Global Alliance of Waste Pickers Newsletter. September, 2012

We are happy to share with you the second Global Alliance of Waste Picker’s newsletter. It covers a number of topics and activities in which the Global alliance has participated over the past several months.

Alliance of Indian Wastepickers (AIW) Newsletter August 2012 in Hindi

Index of contents:

  • तेज होता पेंशन अभियान
  • हमें ये भविष्य मंजूर नहीं!’ : रियो 20
  • आरटीइ – धीरे धीरे खुलता दरवाजा
  • कपड़ा संग्रह अभियान V-Collect
  • दिल्ली की खबरें

Alliance of Indian Wastepickers (AIW) Newsletter August 2012

Index of contents:

  • Pension campaign grows stronger
  • ‘We reject this future!’: Rio+ 20
  • RTE – the door opens slowly
  • V-Collect Clothes
  • News from Delhi


April 2012 African newsletter available

You can now download both English and French versions of the April 2012 African newsletters:

AIW Newsletter: May 2012

Index of contents: Local initiatives, global sharing: Three meetings in Pune, India Pensions — a right, not a favour WtE in Ghazipur: “Stop!” say citizens ‘Yes to schoo...

GlobalRec newsletters ready for print

We’ve prepared a printed version of the GlobalRec newsletters. Download the pdf:

waste pickers in Mumbai, India, Dumpsite Workers

Newsletter March 2012: The Global Alliance of Waste Pickers

Hello everyone, The Global Alliance of Waste Pickers is happy to share with you its first global newsletter.  We hope that it can be one more way to connect waste pickers acros...

aiw and global alliance at cop17 march

Newsletter: Alliance of Indian Waste Pickers (Feb. 2012)

The Alliance of Indian Wastepickers (AIW) is an alliance of over 30 organisations working with wastepickers in 24 cities in India. AIW is engaged in highlighting the contribution o...

Calendrier Mondial des manifestations des Récupérateurs

Réunion de Coordination entre le Mouvement National de Collecteurs de Recyclables du Brésil et le Réseau des Récupérateurs d’Amérique Latine, Sao Paulo-Brésil, fin août Q...

Les mêmes problèmes, ici ou ailleurs

En juin cette année, l’Alliance indienne des récupérateurs (AIW) a organisé à Mumbai un atelier sur le thème “Luttes et stratégies des travailleurs de déchargesR...

Les récupérateurs en Inde – J’ai vu un miracle

Mmapula Baloyi ne ressemble pas  à une récupératrice aujourd’hui. Elle est élégamment habillée en venant nous accueillir toute souriante à l’intérieur du mur qui entou...